Louis is an LGBT activist and data reporter. He was born in Texas, lived in Miami as a young adult, and moved to New York in 1998.

He became involved in civics after he saw how, in 2008, through political bullying, then City Council Speaker Christine Quinn conspired with then Mayor Michael Bloomberg to change Municipal term limits for elected officials.

In the beginning, he blogged and made YouTube videos about civic and political issues.

After meeting direct action activists, he became involved at the tail end of the fight for marriage equality in New York through his involvement or association with the groups, Connecting Rainbows and Queer Rising. He fought against the luxury condo conversion of St. Vincent's Hospital. Later, as one of a loose collective to vote then Council Speaker Christine Quinn out of office in the 2013 Democratic Party primary, Louis became an anti-corruption activist.

When he foresaw Democrats participate in the sell-out of public housing, he co-founded in 2019 the group Fight For NYCHA to stop the privatisation of strategic public assets.

Louis provides consulting services through Connaissable. He has also developed a Government transparency and computer-assisted reporting Web application, C'est Vrai.

His activism and blogs have been covered by The New York Times, The Advocate, The New York Daily News, and the French magazine TĂȘtu. Louis was the publisher of the online news Web site, Progress Queens. Over the years, he provided political commentary for the news station, WBAI 99.5 FM.

An advocate for Government transparency, Louis has twice sued the U.S. Department of Justice for the successful release of open records. He has experienced the horrors of Housing Court and the BRC homeless shelter system.

Louis is running in the 2025 elections to represent the West Village, Chelsea, and Hell's Kitchenette in District 3 in the New York City Council to stop the political corruption that is depleating our public assets. He faces a career politician, Erik Bottcher, who worked for former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, then Speaker Quinn, and her successor, then Speaker Corey Johnson -- all of whom have espoused the land use policies that benefit wealthy real estate developers at the expense of average New Yorkers.

Outspoken and often explicit, Louis has been perma banned by Wikipedia and Twitter. He is presently shadow-banned by Mastadon. Never having sold-out his principles, Louis filed his papers to run for City Council whilst he was living out of a homeless shelter on the Bowery. He has since moved out of the shelter system. This is his first campaign for public office.