Political Philosophy

The Duopoly of the Democratic and Republican Parties can no longer serve, much less safeguard, democracy.

Instead, powerholders in the political parties seek self-enrichment through corruption. An aggressive movement is required to check this corruption.

As a result, both Democrats and Republicans breach the social compact that underpins our form of Government, creating poverty that is openly ignored.

Although both the Democratic and Republican Parties comprise the Duopoly, in New York, the Governments are controlled by supermajories of Democrats.

What we experience in New York is that Democrats exploit the language of progressivism and social reform in order to safely give-up strategic public assets to real estate developers, Wall Street, and other private sector interests. Witness what we've seen in respect of charity hospitals, public schools, public housing, and so on.

Job opportunities barely pay enough for people to afford basic needs.

Inflation, the rent burden, and exploitation of our labour stop the middle class from growing.

When peoples' basic needs of housing, nutrition, and healthcare are met, there's no reason for people to resort to crime to support themselves. If job opportunities can't support peoples' basic needs, then the hand of the Government must intervene in the markets to promote the general welfare. That's what Government programmes, like WIC, SNAP, and Medicaid are for : To give people an equal opportunity to participate in society and to access and exercise their civil liberties and civil rights.

Once people feel safe, they can focus on their family, friends, and community. As people follow their dreams, they create the life that gives them meaning and purpose. A healthy society allows everyone to thrive.

However, Democrats join with Republicans to leave scores of us in poverty. That's unjust. We can no longer accept this.

Creating opportunities leads to a healthy society.

The Duopoly have distorted the Government's priorities.

The time-honoured way of meeting peoples' basic needs is the simple path that creates opportunities for our lives. As we work together to help more New Yorkers move up into the middle class, we must never forget that the foundation of our society is not giving up on our irreplaceable strategic public assets.

The lazy politics of surrender and defeat costed us over a dozen full-service charity hospitals in New York City. They bled public schools to pump-up charter schools. Now, they're deteriorating public housing.

Democrats are embracing the same lazy politics of surrender and defeat right now as they prepare to bow before REBNY to give-up public housing in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan to a billionaire developer, who supports Donald Trump. We can't allow it !

We must refuse to compromise with each of the Duopoly, REBNY, and Wall Street. We must resist. In exchange for your support, I shall endeavour to create a new political party that will never surrender to the lazy politics of defeat.

It's time to make a clean break with the Duopoly. It's in your best interests.

(Image credit : CC BY-SA 4.0 by Androidmarsexpress. This image is presented without alteration.)